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SnapShot with IOT Matrix

As control system issues and improvement opportunities are constantly developing, SISO is continually expanding its customer base and capabilities to meet these challenges. Customers need detailed and real time support for their control systems and continuous diagnostics for the assets they operate. Most control system support is on an ad-hoc basis and only evaluates current data. SISO sees an opportunity to flip this on its head by partnering closely with the site to actively monitor the system and create a proactive relationship. SISO will use the continuous data from the control system every second to be smarter.

SISO Engineering’s Snapshot Matrix box can help you navigate these changes and develop a clear roadmap for your plant growth. This subscription-based agreement enables the Matrix Box for continuous data collection in our secure data cloud.

How Does it work?

The Matrix box periodically collects EGD data and sends this to a secure cloud storage system. With your data in the cloud, real time turbine performance and site conditions can be easily viewed from anywhere in the world through a web-based dashboard. The dashboard gives a clearer view of real-time and historical unit status, performance, and diagnostics which is critical to efficient operations and proactive maintenance. Challenges such as determining if a pump is performing as designed, when a water wash needs to be performed, which controller hardware is faulty or how much turbine performance is degrading over time are things that can be solved using your data in the cloud.

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