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System Health and Parts Inventory Analysis

Every year the obsolesce costs of systems can sneak up and be much more than anticipated.  Let us help you maintain your control system inventory and prepare for aging equipment.  With this service, we will keep track of the equipment you have on hand.  We can help you be best prepared for any mishap.

Network Walkdown & Drawings

Many sites do not have one reference drawing for their network. The documentation is missing or spread across many systems.  This can lead to difficult troubleshooting and complex maintenance. We will map out your various networks, do a full system walk down, and incorporate them into one drawing for an easy maintainable system.


HART Module Upgrade

Many plants have Smart devices but are not fully utilizing the capabilities of these HART transmitters. The Mark VIe has IO packs capable of communicating with HART sensors. This allows for a deeper level of understanding of each transmitter and better diagnostics to troubleshoot issues. Get this insight into sensor health and additional data for each HART capable transmitter.


Diagnostic Screens of IO Status

Many sites have limited system hardware diagnostics.  They use alarm indication to drive their diagnostic decisions.  This can quickly become overwhelming and drive a break/fix mentality. We can add clarity to overwhelming diagnostic alarms with concise graphics for the Mark VIe Control System Health. Sites with many IO cabinets and a variety of IO packs can save time troubleshooting and give operators insight on the hardware without opening ToolboxST.

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