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With over 35 years of combined automation experience, our high-performance team offers a variety of services that are configurable and scalable. 

Our solutions meet the current and emerging needs of our customers.

Design and Development

  • Control system design, consulting, and upgrade services

  • From new software development to upgrading older equipment into modern control systems, we can support development needs


  • Use streaming data to remotely troubleshoot, analyze, and predict issues

  • Focuses on following areas:

  • I. Performance

  • II. R.A.M.

  • III. Real-Time

  • IV. Compliance


  • On-site support for installation of all new equipment

  • Experience with commissioning power generation equipment will help the site meet target completion dates and provide end customer with a fully customized and operational control system


  • All-in-one water wash system that includes hardware, software, and monitoring for worry-free washing

  • Works with Snapshot to provide wash recommendations and to track effectiveness

Operations Support

  • Provide remote support for network health review and troubleshooting

  • Can address and fix potential inefficiencies that affect units before a forced outage

  • Reduces troubleshooting time and costs

HMI Upgrades

  • Standard Offering includes top-of-the-line hardware, newest versions of Windows, control system software, and HMI software

  • Fully customizable HMI upgrades to fit site needs

Hardware/Software License Supplier

  • Can provide control system hardware at great rates (controller, distributed IO, network devices)

  • Specialize in GE, Emerson, Rockwell, and Woodward hardware & software licenses



Process System

GE Aero Gas Turbine

GE Frame Gas Turbine

Balance of Plant




Control System Upgrades

Software/logic improvements

Software/logic version updates

SW supplier: Mark VIe, EX2100/e

HMI: Windows PC w/ software licenses 

Installation and Commissioning of above hardware

Software support

ControlST (ToolboxST, Workstation ST)


eTCSS (Toolbox)

 Woodward Micronet+ w/ Valve Drivers



Proficy Machine Edition


Versa Pro

Unity Pro


RSLogix 5000

Studio 5000

Factory Talk

acSELerator Quickset


IoT Based Monitoring

Streaming data to dashboards

Cloud-based historical archive of data

Remote support; Can mimic customer system at HQ

Analytics; Performance, R.A.M., Real-Time & Compliance

Control System Design

Define system requirements

IO, network, software, communication protocol detailed design

HMI Virtualization

Detailed drawings, functional specifications, controls narrative, maintenance manuals, FAT, SAT, CAT

Unit Performance Evaluation

Review software configuration

Review performance

Turbine component level evaluation

Suggest improvements based on evaluation

Alarm review

Control system spares consultation

Network status

Control system health

Field Service

Install & commission upgrades

Troubleshoot control system issues

Control System Troubleshooting

Communication: EGD, Modbus, OPC, Ethernet, ControlNet, Profibus, HART

HMI: graphics, communication, Windows, hardware

Sensors/IO: faulty sensors, wiring


IO cards


AVR: EX2100e

Mark VIe Training




We have created our own SaaS solution called Snapshot.

designed to work seamlessly with your existing infrastructure, delivering real-time monitoring/troubleshooting, performance tracking and analytics

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