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Our software is built with the latest technologies and advancements in the field, so you can be confident you're getting a solution that's designed for the future. Whether you're looking to upgrade an existing turbine or build a new installation.

Put your site data to work. Upgrade to Snapshot and join the revolution.


Together, we can forge a new world class automation paradigm.

Construcción Digital

Performance v1.6

Recent Performance

  • Overall performance of all units

  • All units overlayed for quick comparison

  • Past month data shown

  • Slice data to focus on specific areas

Monthly Unit Performance

  • 3 month data shown for one unit

  • Identify unit specific issues

Component Performance

  • Each major engine component is analyzed

  • All units displayed together

  • Flexible 6 month historical data*

Performance Comparison

  • Data Comparison available for

  • Engine Performance issues

  • Run-to-Run changes

  • Find problematic components

  • Organize by engine condition/operating point

Performance Support

  • Investigate performance issues

  • Troubleshooting and Recommendation

  • Performance trends & reviews

Reliability, Availability, Maintainability

Recent Alarms

  • Web dashboard with diagnostics

  • Alarms sorted, counted, & filtered 

  • SISO Experts provide Alarm Action Plan

Alarm Historian


  • One stop for all units alarms

  • Multiple filters can be applied

  • Patterns identified using daily alarm data

  • Unique vs Recurring Alarms

Alarm Support

  • Alarm investigation

  • Troubleshooting and Recommendation 

  • Actionable solutions

Unit Counter

  • Used to monitor various components (pumps, fans, etc.)

  • Ensures run time is balanced 

  • Identifies irregularities

  • Produced vs Consumed

Regulator Monitor

  • Tracks operating condition of each unit /Fuel regulator control

  • SISO Experts alerted and will assess if action is required by site personnel in real time

Compliance v1.6

Component Partial & Full Cycle Monitoring

  • SISO-developed system that calculates and monitors the Parts Cycle for LMS100 PA and LM6000 Engines

  • Designed for reporting

Cycle Monitoring

  • Partial Cycles - 10%, 50%, 75% load changes

  • Full Cycles

  • Trip Cycles

  • Cycle Counters for individual components

  • Hot/Warm/Cold Start counters

Web Based Report

  • Dashboard display of each asset’s cycle counters

  • Dashboard display of individual component cycles 

  • Historical data maintained*

*All Snapshot Subscriptions come with the Base v1.6 plan, wich includes Matrix Box Connections & Setup.

Web Dashboards, Biannual Asset Review, and SISO Expert Support.

Real-Time Maintenance & Troubleshooting v1.7

Live Trending

  • Offers remote visibility into KPIs

  • Real-Time data stream to Matrix Box is ~5 sec.

Live Alarms

  • Active alarms displayed on real-time online dashboards

  • Units can be monitored as they run so action can be taken ASAP

  • Alarm History for 30 days

Trip & Call-Out Alerts

  • Alerts sent via Text/Email when trips or alarms are triggered

  • Available for up to 10 users

Trip Logs Auto-Pull

  • Matrix pulls Trip Logs from control system equipment and stores in the Cloud


  • Mark VIe DDRs and Trip Logs

  • Multilin G60*

  • Beckwith 3524A*

  • Woodward Micronet, Flex500

Custom Alerts

  • Alerts can be placed on any Analog or Boolean Variable

  • Customer configuration

Remote Access

  • A cyber-secure firewalled connection allows remote, real-time support

Let's chat, together, we will forge a new world class automation paradigm
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